Coolant leaks have been identified as a significant maintenance problem for train operators, often leading to costly delays in train services.

Flotec offer a revolutionary combination of Gates BlueStripe EPDM hose and Gates PowerGrip clamps that work together to provide a long term solution to expensive and time consuming coolant water leaks.

A common cause of hose leakage is the continuous expansion and contraction of hose and fittings due to temperature changes. Gates PowerGrip band clamps provide a “fit and forget” solution. When the temperature changes, the clamp expands and contracts with the hose, making it completely resistant to leaks. The PowerGrip clamp maintains a tight grip on hose and fittings under conditions of both extreme heat and extreme cold, eliminating the problematic coolant leak once and for all.

The Gates BlueStripe EPDM Coolant hose is a superior alternative to the standard silicone hose. Unlike standard hoses, BlueStripe bonds to the stem, assisting with hose retention and removing any potential leak paths. BlueStripe hose is 10x more resistant to water permeation, reducing potential imbalances of ethanol glycol concentrations in coolant systems. It has proven reliability and the raw material cost is less than regular hose, saving time and money.

Dedicated site-engineers at Flotec have been working with TOC’s such as Arriva Trains Wales, Scotrail, Northern Rail and Great Western Railway to provide them with a long term engineering solution. Flotec offer specialist support and service to ensure guaranteed results.

The process starts with Flotec visiting the site and measuring the existing silicone pre-shaped hoses. Drawings are then created and sent to the USA for bespoke EPDM hoses to be manufactured. Once the bespoke hoses are ready, Flotec return and personally assist TOCs with fitment. A personalised training video is provided to ensure Fleet Engineers are fully educated for future installations. Flotec take every step to guarantee the products and services they provide is effective long term and sustained long after they have left the site.

By fitting the BlueStripe and PowerGrip combination together, you eliminate hose leaks, reduce cost, minimise downtime and decrease interruption of planned maintenance. The result – The rolling stock is in the depot less, solving a long-standing issue operators face daily.

Whether you are a ROSCO, TOC or Track Maintenance Operator, Flotec have something to offer you. For further information, please visit, call 01509 230 100 or email Maria Smith at