History Of Hinchliffe Hydraulics Ltd

Hinchliffe Hydraulics was established on the 2nd of August 1988 by Dare and Van Hinchliffe, since then it has been a dedicated family owned business which excels at manufacturing, design and build, with distribution of hydraulics and pneumatics. 

The company was set up in the desire to bring expertise in the hydraulic field to the Scunthorpe area. 

Since then, we have been building and developing how we provided a hydraulic service to our customers which includes repair, rebuild of rams, design and build, hose making and generally anything to do with hydraulics and pneumatics.


In 2000 Hinchliffe Hydraulics became a Limited company with Dare and Christine Hinchliffe as directors. 

Hinchliffe Hydraulics has always strived to get involved with the community by supporting local schools, charities and other various Sponsorships such as bike racing, Netball, Football and Rugby clubs and many more. 

Celebrating the 30 years of being in business Hinchliffe Hydraulics Ltd seeks to progress with the times by investing in new technology and making sure to be at the forefront of the industry needs.

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